• Educational Psychology

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    The course provides knowledge and understanding of psychological processes involved in education and learning. It has no prerequisites, and is relevant for educators, as well as for others who wish to better understand human psychology in the context of learning. The course discusses motivational, cognitive and social factors that influence learning, as well as the teacher's role in learning.

    Course format

    Every week comprises 2-4 short video lectures with interactive computer-based quizzes that provide instant feedback. The video lectures reference an online textbook which is fully and freely accessible to all of the students. Weekly assignments and course projects allow students to use the textbook and additional learning materials to study the topic in depth. Extensive forums are provided to enable students to collaboratively study with peers from around the world, discussing the course materials and the course assignments. A final online exam allows students to evaluate their progress during the course. The course is structured to allow students to choose whether they want to simply audit the course passively, spending about two hours a week in lectures and online quizzes, or to engage with the materials in depth.


    You should be able to speak and read arabic

    Optional services

    There are no optional servives at this time.

  • Institution


    Open University of Israel



    Luc Castermans


    More information

  • Info

    • Arabic

    • Anytime

    • 9 weeks

    • 90 hrs

    • Formal certificate

    • EFQ level 3

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