Survey on MOOC strategies of HEIs

You are kindly invited to complete the 2016 survey on strategies of higher education institutions (HEIs) regarding MOOCs. The main purpose is to address the possible differences and similarities between HEIs in different regions in their goals and the strategic choices to be or not to be involved in MOOCs. For this reason some questions are identical to the U.S. surveys by Allen and Seaman conducted last years.

The survey is largely a repetition of the survey of the last two years. In 2014 a survey amongst HEIs was conducted to determine the strategies of HEIs on MOOCs and their reasons (not) to be involved. Otherwise the strategy of European HEIs was compared with the US.  In 2015, the survey was extended with a comparable study between countries in Europe (next to comparison to US) and to determine the reasons and subjects on cross-institutional collaboration. These two studies led to the identification of a distinct European response on MOOCs. It not only demonstrated a much higher level of involvement (compared to US) but also that these differences are related to the social dimension of the European educational system along with a multi-stakeholder involvement.

In 2016, the present survey, in addition to the former surveys, focusses on getting more details about possible collaboration models and characteristics of the social dimension of MOOC involvement of European HEIs.

From now on this years’ survey is open until 31 December 2017. 

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