Independent learning

In higher education students usually are guided throughout the curriculum by teaching staff in classrooms, by books and readers and in virtual learning environments. A MOOC, however, should provide high quality materials and a rich learning environment to enable an independent learner to progress through self-study.

support2Built-in support & tutoring. Since independent learning is the ‘holy grail’ of higher education, built-in guidance is needed to optimize the learning process and to support you for learning on your own. As such, you will become a more independent learner and will need less guidance than in the first courses. Independent learning is also essential to take you forward in your further academic or professional development in life. Personal tutoring is optionally available with some courses.

onlineresources2The best (online) resources. Independent is not about learning by yourself. OpenupEd course materials make the best use of online affordances (interactivity, communication, collaboration) as well as rich media (video and audio) to engage you in your learning.

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