Our framework

openbeeld17 mainAt OpenupEd we developed a framework of common features for our MOOCs that puts you, the learner, at the center:

  1. Learner-centred
  2. Openness to learners
  3. Digital openness
  4. Independent learning
  5. Media-supported interaction
  6. Recognition options
  7. Quality focus
  8. Spectrum of diversity

The OpenupEd partners decided that these features are most relevant  for MOOCs in their contributions to opening up education. These features are explained in more detail in the next articles.

The framework is not meant to be a straitjacket, but to give guidance for improving the quality of our MOOC offer. Given that flexibility, some institutions will conform more than others. Partner institutions, however, should be serious in implementing those features. They need to outline their process towards opening up education.

It is against this background that OpenupEd offers MOOCs to everybody, in a flexible way that meets the needs of today’s learners in an increasingly complex world. We apply an international Quality label for our MOOCs tailored to both e-learning and open education, incorporating these eight features.

In addition with these features, we embrace the opportunities MOOCs offer for the society. I.e., to secure that MOOCs indeed serve fundamental values for education in our societies.

You as a learner are facilitated with appropriate incentives to make progress and to succeed in your learning efforts, next to removing barriers both at the entry into learning and along the learning path.

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