Puberbrein, leefstijl en leren
Adolescent brain, lifestyle and learning

Open University of the Netherlands
Our brain continues to develop throughout childhood and adolescence. It becomes fully matured only after the age of twenty.

This development is influenced by environmental factors such as physical activity, nutrition, and the amount and quality of sleep.

Would you like to learn how environmental factors affect the functioning of adolescent brains? Are you interested in the effect upbringing has on this?

This MOOC will examine these factors in greater depth. After an introduction to the general theme, it will cover subjects such as physical activity and learning; nutrition and learning; and sleep and learning. In addition the role of upbringing for learning will also be discussed.

Are you interested in research? Then you can also delve deeper into these subjects through more advanced learning material and assignments.

The course is designed and given in Dutch, with translation of most of the content in English. Dutch and English communication.

Certification of participation is available upon request, for whole course or individual lessons.


  • Dutch
  • English

Start date 14 April 2016

Duration: 7 weeks

Hours of study: 28 hours

EQF-Level: EQF level 4



Delivery mode: Learn anywhere online



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