Formatief toetsen voor leren in de praktijk
Formative assessment for learning in practice

Open University of the Netherlands
The MOOC Assessment for Learning in practice introduces you to the concept of formative assessment and provides hands-on experiences of designing instruments of assessment for learning. The course follows the state-of the art on the topic, yet is practice-oriented and offers flexibility for learners. Each of the six lessons contains a self-contained learning task that can also be done independently.

The course is designed in Dutch. Content has been translated to English. Videos are subtitled in Dutch and English.
Conversations are in Dutch and/or English.


  • Dutch
  • English

Start date 18 May 2016

Duration: 7 weeks

Hours of study: 28 hours

EQF-Level: EQF level 4



Delivery mode: Learn anywhere online



Full course experience

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