Digital learning contexts (Digitale Læringskontekster)

Aarhus University
Technologies and digital media play a large role both in our daily lives and within educational activities. This course will provide you with skills to understand how different contexts and technologies can influence each other. The course aims at strengthening your abilities to experiment with technology within your work and study life.

Throughout the course you will learn about selected learning theories, didactic positions and digital technologies. In the course we will examine and experiment with different kinds of digital expressions, and we will use discussions to attain a deeper insight in the practice, theory and technologies.

The course is open to everyone, but the main language is Danish. The course is a part of a master’s degree in ICT-based educational design. Thus, the course will provide you with a unique insight into this educational programme.

We welcome all kinds of participation – from very passive readers to full participation as if you were enrolled in the MA program yourself.

Language: Danish

Start date 2 September 2016

Duration: 7 weeks

Hours of study: 70 hours

EQF-Level: EQF level 7 - Master’s Degree



Delivery mode: Learn anywhere online



Full course experience

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